A person who transports himself to a location is not entitled to coverage under his automobile policy for actions taken after he has left his vehicle

21. November 2007 0
When an Insured seeks to recover damages in respect of bodily injury to or death of an Insured arising directly or indirectly from a tortfeasor’s use or operation of a motor vehicle, the claim must arise through an unbroken chain of causation from the ownership or from the use or operation of a motor vehicle.  ...

An automobile insurer cannot bring a subrogated claim for property damage in Ontario

20. November 2007 0
Ontario’s “no-fault” regime prohibits all tort actions against a negligent party for recovery of property damage. This prohibition applies not only to claims of individuals, but also to subrogated claims brought by insurers. Clarendon National Insurance v. Candow, 2007 ONCA 680, Ontario Court of Appeal, J.C. MacPherson, R.J. Sharpe and R.G. Juriansz JJ.A., October 5, 2007